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i looove tv shows. First of all, Supernatural. It's like the best show ever, best actors and most awesome story. My fav of them all is CASTIEL, the angel of the lord, omg he's just the best char :squee: and Mishaaaaaa he's so adorable and awesome and aaaaaaaah I JUST LOVE HIM!!! I'm watching this series for quite a while now, but it's like i realized only now how amazing this series actually is xD and yeah, proud Mishaminion and lover of Cas, i do NOT ship destiel because megstiel is WAY more awesome and realistic. Dang. Haters gonna hate^^ I'm TRYING to be a collector of it, but...that stuff is expensive and raree, ATM I'm looking for a Angel blade prop. My fav creatures are ANGELS. ANGELS FTW. My SPN OC is an Angel called Muriel(MY Muriel existed WAY longer than the Muriel from SPN, so NO she is not stolen). i love SPN and it will always be a part of me. I still remember how I watched my very first episode of SPN, it was A very Supernatural Christmas :D I was so scared man....but now it can't scare a fuck out of me, except some specal episodes like Ep 14 of season 6*because I'm rreeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyy scared of living dolls and dress forms <:O, like Sammys Clown phobia* I just can't get along with the fact that SPN will end some day. It's impossible to believe for me. I guess you wont see me for some days or weeks when the day comes :C
Dean dies stamp by Bloody-Changelingmishalicious stamp by kasienka-nikkiSupernatural Changing Channels Stamp by MageStilesSupernatural by Arunaudo Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Supernatural Season 5 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Stamp by Vampiric-Time-Lord Supernatural - FBI by DarkLeesh Supernatural by kicsianna Dean dies stamp by Bloody-Changeling sam and dean: 8O by Bloody-Changeling sam and dean : wheeeeeeeeee by Bloody-Changeling Castiel Stamp by zerotozune Castiel - stamp II by Flaminia SPN: Castiel Stamp by Twilight-Deviant SPN - Crowley stamp by nezukuroGabriel Stamp by Ranger-SarhaCas Lick Stamp by SweetDuke Supernatural by kicsianna Team Castiel - stamp by Flaminia Castiel by Ranger-Sarha The Metallicar by zerotozune AHHHHH by zerotozune
Misha collins photo:  misha.jpgAssbut photo: hey assbut tumblr_lxv7ni9OWQ1qega15.gif

:thumb277286582: The Adventures of Tintin Stamp by LoudNoises Tintin Stamp by Kiiara95 Tintin HugDance Plz by Cocohorse Haddock Clap Plz by Cocohorse U DID IT. by Cocohorse :thumb289735850: The Adventures Of TinTin *Captain Haddock* by DemoniumAngel:thumb277286582: The Adventures of Tintin Stamp by LoudNoises Tintin Stamp by Kiiara95 Tintin HugDance Plz by Cocohorse Haddock Clap Plz by Cocohorse U DID IT. by Cocohorse :thumb289735850: The Adventures Of TinTin *Captain Haddock* by DemoniumAngelTHE HADDOCK JUMP by ShibaSnowyNatural the SAKHARIN CRANE by ShibaSnowyNatural OF COURSE!! by ShibaSnowyNatural Whisky by ShibaSnowyNaturalTINTIN gif by daleknek
the adventures of tintin photo: Adventures of TinTin adventures_of_tintin.jpg
tintin gif photo: yay he he he! CaptHaddockishappy.gif



I have a special place in my heart for How To Train Your Dragon.
It´s my favourite movie ever, and I can´t find the right words to describe the awesomeness of this movie and everything that has to do with it, like the TV-series, or the short films. It's like a part of me now and this won't change. I'm a collector of it and well...after being in the fandom since I saw the very first trailer on youtube in 2009 I came to the point where HTTYD became inseparable from me. I´ll always love it. OC is Grenade the Night Fury. This place in my profile will always reserved for the one and only movie I call my FAVOURITE movie. I have many movies I really love, but HTTYD just pierced me to the heart and is locked in it forever. No movie ever managed to be loved by me that much.

[HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybrid [HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybrid [HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybrid
HTTYD 2 Stamp - silly Toothless by The-GreenGoblin Hiccup Stamp by siquia Toothless Love Stamp by smileystamps
Dreamworks Older Hiccup + Toothless Fall Stamp by TwilightProwler Dreamworks Dragons Stamp by TwilightProwler Dreamworks Older Hiccup Stamp by TwilightProwler
Dreamworks Older Hiccup + Toothless Stamp by TwilightProwler Dreamworks Hiccup + Astrid + Toothless Stamp by TwilightProwler HTTYD Dragons Stamp by TwilightProwler
Toothless Stamp 01 by SummerGal7 Deadly Nadder stamp by CodeXANAHTTYD Nerd Love by Contraltissimo

my 3 favs of the “main” dragon species:
PC - Night Fury Stamp by Colonel-Chicken
PC - Deadly Nadder Stamp by Colonel-Chicken
PC - Monstrous Nightmare Stamp by Colonel-Chicken

HTTYD 2 photo: Banner :o hiccup4-2.png
kenziesdesigns Pictures, Images and Photoskenziesdesigns Pictures, Images and Photoskenziesdesigns Pictures, Images and Photoskenziesdesigns Pictures, Images and Photos
httyd photo: Curious Curious_zpsd5855a44.gif
httyd photo: Playful Curiouskitten_zpscf3f7a06.gif
toothless-flying Pictures, Images and PhotosHTTYD photo:  DeadlyNadder1.gifHTTYD photo:  ToothlessFlying.gifHTTYD photo:  ToothlessDenied.gif
happy toothless Pictures, Images and Photosnight fury photo: night fury l_a0d627031324491f90044371ea331e30.gif
HTTYD photo: toothless flying httyd_whoa.gifHTTYD photo:  HTTYD-yumtoothlessbycurlytoot.gif


borzoi stamp by shelzieStamp 3 Borzoi by N-NikitaBorzoi Stamp by merlynnzBorzoi stamp by AkumaAgmaI love Borzoi by WishmasterAlchemist



Tanjoubi Omedetou UTA by ShibaSnowyNatural
Tanjoubi Omedetou UTA
Yeah i felt like uploading something.

There's SO MUCH to upload actually, but....I'm not planning to do that in the near future.
Well this is just for the birthday of my husband. *yeah he's kinda the reason why I'll never find a boyfriend xDDDDDDD*
Uta my precious, happy birthday, I hope you got many eyeballs <3 ILY

Uta(c)Sui Ishida
my precious by ShibaSnowyNatural
my precious
because that's what he is to me. I rewatched Psycho Pass for the 3rd time last weekend.
I think I told you how much I love it, but I just want to add...that I love Shogo Makishima even more than before. You know..I always avoided to watch the last 2 episodes because I didn't want to see my Shogo die...and on monday I did. I know what sorrow is. I didn't feel something like that til I saw him die that way. It broke my heart more than any death I've witnessed in anime and real life. I cried the whole night and didn't get any sleep. He didn't have to die. Because Shogo wasn't all that bad, he was just misunderstood...his goals weren't wrong, and he didn't just kill to enjoy himself. He had good reasons, and I totally understood him. I know I've got a weakness for the maniacs and antagonists, but seriously...Shogo was awesome. I still can't get over the fact that the second season will start without him next week. I really love Ko, he's in my top 3, but I can't forgive him for killing my precious Shogo :(

I hope I'm not annoying with all my bad thoughts, but I just extremely love him...the end of Psycho Pass changed my mind about it completely.

Shogo Makishima(c)Rightful owners

I'm very proud of this picture, I practised drawing him a few times before on paper til I did this c:
expressionistic Kaneki by ShibaSnowyNatural
expressionistic Kaneki
Yesh this is mah Kaneki...This picture is from art class. The main topic was "melancholia" and he was the first thing I thought of :''(
Now I don't know what to write as an explanation and interpretation for my art teacher :''D

Anyways...hope ya like^^
ily Kaneki...

Ken(c)Sui Ishida
Happy B-Day! - Kei Tsukishima - Haikyuu! by ShibaSnowyNatural
Happy B-Day! - Kei Tsukishima - Haikyuu!
Because it was his birthday yesterday and I only submitted it to facebook, so I decided to put it on dA now. HIS BIRTHDAY WAS/IS/WHATEVER ON SEPTEMBER 27TH, idk what day is now in your timezone xDD Anyways...There's actually so much crap to upload, but I've been very inactive lately and I'm not gonna be much active, since I just don't fee like it at the moment. I don't feel very comfortable on deviantArt right now, so...I'm gonna upload the traditional stuff later. Or not. I don't know.

Anyways....this is Kei Tsukishima/Tsukki from HAIKYUU!, one of my favourite animes. It's genre is Sport/Volleyball and matter if you like Volleyball or not, after watching Haikyuu! you LOVE it. I'm in love with sports animes <3 and with this guy here. He's a blunt, rude, sarcastic, tall guy who has some problems with making friends. He was way more cheerful in his childhood days, but he's that kind of guy who's actually an alright person but doesn#t show it that much. Tsukki likes teasing and making fun of others and seems to be very cold and annoyed sometimes. I LOVE HIM :D

He's my second favourite character after TOBIO KAGEYAMA<---Who I'm gonna draw later, at least on his birthday on december 22th!

Kei(which means firefly*DIES*)(c)Rightful owners/Mangaka

I worked my ass off for this, and finally finished it 6:30 am this morning e.e I was so tired, shit....






OH WELL...I'm 18 years old now....and that's....NOT ANY DIFFERENT FROM 17 xDD Seriously, I'll never behave like an adult, so it doesn't change anything for me c: but sound waaay more awesome to say "I'm 18" than "I'm 17" x)
I didn't get that much btw, a halter*Horse stuff ya know*, and a fucking voucher for a Beach-Ride, I always wanted to ride a horse on the beach *__*, an Attack On Titan Backpack *I DIED WHEN I UNWRAPPED THE PAPER*, some money, POCKY, RAMEN, Manga, chocolate of course, a pillow with owls on it*I love owls holy shit*, and some of my SNK-Cosplay parts^^ And a ticket the Holi-Festival :D It's tomorrow already, I'm so excited :D *and I just can't hide it lol* but YEAH. let's leave it with that, I wanna watch Karneval now^^

Shiba c;
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  • Listening to: Attack On TItan Ending
  • Reading: Mangas.*BIRTH OF LEVI YEEEH*
  • Watching: a million animes.
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  • Drinking: Energy Drink


only for my friends
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

 photo levianimated_by_uziichiha-d6ew1j8_zps46f5ffee.gif

Heyho my name is Shiba^^
Do I call myself "artist"? idk...artist...that's a word that sounds pretty arrogant to me...anyway, I've been drawing for my whole life, since I can hold a pencil. I'm selftaught. People who have no talent wont draw a good picture, no matter how many lessons they took, it's a fact you can't learn it when you're not creative. If anybody asks me, do you have a fav classic artist, I say no. And they say "but you can draw, so why don't you love Picasso and co?" Why the fuck should I care about those dead people, I don't know many of them and I don't care about them because their "art" is boring and just nothing special. My favourite things to draw are animals, because that's what I love most, dragons*I love dragons for my whole life, and dinosaurs*, some mangas and of course CARTOONS. I love drawing in cartoony style, it's easy and looks good <33 I don't use references, because drawings with a reference are something copied, nothing the artist really did. Of course, some need them to learn how to draw something, but when I like something very much and want to draw it, I look at it some time *like movie/TV show characters* and then I just draw it. So, that's it about art.
I'm a fan of so many things, Books, FantasyMovies...*I have listed some major things on my profile, with many gifs and stamps and stuff, so you're gonna see the less important things HERE*
THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, SUPERHEROES*Favs: Iron Man, Spider Man, Loki*, Transformers*BEE <33333333333333333*, The Vampire Diaries*Damon *_**, HARRY POTTER OMG NO ONE WILL STOP MY LOVE FOR THAT WHOA, Percy Jackson, Hunger games trilogy, Eragon, Disneys BOLT*and many other Disney movies, but Bolt is deffo my fav Disney movie*, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, JURASSIC PARK*Dinosaurs are my childhood, I was such a little nerd xD*, Super 8, Spirit, the Temeraire Books, the Ginga Series, Legend of the Guardians, Rise of the Guardians*JACK.FORST.<3* and so much more, i just can't find everything, but these are the movies and books and things I love very much.

My hobbies are HORSE RIDING, writing and playing the piano. And drawing of course. Horse Riding is the best hobby ever, and it IS a sport, NO MATTER what you think. People who tell me riding is not a sport should come with me and get on a horse. After 2 hours of usual work we talk about it again.

That's pretty much the song that describes me best.…
I walk alone.

animals I love most: Horses, Dogs, Birds, Dragons

Type Of Friend 8 - Chara Love by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 12 - Cold by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 11 - No Reply by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 23-Reincarnated by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 36 - Good Eyes by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 41 - No Sleepeh by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 40 - Eats All by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 50 - Impatient by uncopyrightedvinegarFaveRunPlz by uncopyrightedvinegarWritePlz by uncopyrightedvinegar
Wacom User Stamp by Dei-bonWacom User Stamp by Dei-bonWacom User Stamp by Dei-bon
Anyway have fun on my page c;

Grenade journal doll photo GRENADEFURYBUB.png

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotWriting is a talent. by PixieRiot:thumb282221624:OC Fangirl Stamp by rynokiOriginal Character Personality by Stamp221Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rosedon't need GOD by disinchantedThere's Probably No God stamp by Bourbons3Abort Mission by paramoreSUCKS Atheist Stamp by anastasia-black I'm a friendly Atheist by andshedreamed Science by paramoreSUCKS No Babies by anastasia-blackBABY FUCKING KILLER by DametoraJust Say NO by DametoraAbuse towards men by paramoreSUCKSDisability by BoKStampsJumping spiders are cute stamp by LouaWolfJumping spider love stamp by Moonlight-pendent13Talking stamp by Firework154stamp: Vegetarian by CosmicQueenieChoices by PrincessFlawRape Victim Blaming by Geth-VI
Who needs 7 by JediSenshi Animals are Cuter Stamp by SillyEwe I hate kids by Apperhension I believe in dragons - big Stamp - by GewalgonFuck yeah, Nightcore by Geth-VII Love Nightcore Stamp by SilvercrossStahlherz
I love Movie Soundtracks Stamp by moonprincessluna It is Possible... by alaska-is-a-huskyRequest XVII by paramoreSUCKS Request XII by paramoreSUCKSScared of the Dark Stamp by StirFryKittyI Believe Stamp by allyalltheway Dreams are my reality... by SedmaI love Hugs - stamp by HavickTheLionI Like Being Myself by mylastel F****************k by RebiValeska{Personality} by xXtoxic-infectionXxBoys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps Fat vs Skinny by RoliStamps I'm Forgetful Stamp by allyalltheway No matter what anyone says. :) by LyricalAutumnWind Loner by ManicStamps Anti Smoking Nazi Stamp by Riksie-Dixie :thumb149855516: Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 i love coffee stamp by RRRAI Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp by karazii I heart Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Stamp by Fluffuu Mackemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp2 by Fluffuu I Wish I Could Fly Stamp by takosuu Stamps are addicting by XxOrangeswirlxX Stamp: Don't we all? by Catthylove Real books will always be better.. by MakiLotus Stamp: Animation isn't just for kids. by Catthylove Learn Your Lingo Already by endler Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare by endler Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05 Hate Mondays :stamp: by Amblygon I Preview Before I Send by Mr-Stamp Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolf Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS stare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---x Background Music by Skylark-93 Gimme more sleep by prosaix
Sleepy head by prosaixFavorite Stamp by Ravechu I love Birds of Prey by WishmasterAlchemist Griffin by black-cat16-stamps Hipogriff by black-cat16-stampsPegasus by black-cat16-stamps HP Harry + Buckbeak Stamp by TwilightProwler Harry Potter by paramoreSUCKS Hogwarts Stamp by WetWithRain HTTYD Nerd Love by Contraltissimo The Legendary Night Fury by azianwolfdoll Training Your Night Fury by azianwolfdollHTTYD Dragons Stamp by TwilightProwler The Legendary Night Fury by azianwolfdoll How To Impress A Girl by azianwolfdoll Not so Toothless by CrowMaiden ...I Am Legend... by azianwolfdoll Kings And Queens by azianwolfdoll Sworn To Vanquish Evil by azianwolfdoll I Have A Super Bark by azianwolfdollHarry Potter 3 by princess-femi-stampsI love Movie Soundtracks Stamp by moonprincessluna

MLP - Rainbow Dash stamp by ZuzzzzRainbow Dash Stamp by KevfinRainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlechoRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzRainbow Dash Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash Stamp 2 by KevfinRainbow Dash Stamp 2 by ElectricHalo

Rocket Stamp by StampAGRocket Stamp by StampAGStamp - I love Peanuts by bibiana-tenebra Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieHarry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseShiba Inu Love Stamp by cloudrat I Support Pit Bulls stamp by zelos22Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlI love Borzoi by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp: Percy Jackson Movie by FlantsyFlanStamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirlLinkin Park : Stamp by applejacklesWriter by Shadowed-MidnightSupport reading stamp by DeviantSithHunger Games - Stamp by DeathSoofUchihaTF Girls stamp by MetallikatoTransformers Stamp by scubachickimBumblebee Animated Stamp 2 by MammaCarnageBumblebee Animated Stamp 2 by MammaCarnageStamp: Bumblebee by Rapha-chan:thumb261053561:Bumblebee Stamp by BiilaBumblebee Stamp by BiilaBumblebee Stamp by emerald-equine:thumb126712269:

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|...........| door that said pull

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